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Semi-Custom Wool Cover

$12.00 - $42.00
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Choice of wool, snaps and embroidery (if added) from available options. Once we decide on what you'd like it will go into production, which includes prepping and cutting your wool, snapping, embroidering (if selected) assembly and sewing. This is unfortunately not a fast process with a family and other orders being processed. Turnaround time is 4 weeks. I will definitely keep you apprised of your approximate finish date and update if there are any changes to this. if you would like embroidery, that is an à la carte option that you would add to your cart in addition to adding your selected cover size.

Newborn: 5-16+lbs
Petite: 8-32+lbs
OS: 11-45+lbs

How many layers are the wool covers?
2-3 depending on thickness. We aim for trimness with plenty of coverage. Layers are usually an outer and hidden layer of woven wool for structure, stability and moisture resistance (due to the tighter weave), with an inner layer of knit or interlock wool for softness and absorbency. Occasionally we may have covers available that are completely knit or interlock with one layer heavily felted for stability. No one wants a stretched out cover.

What are the benefits of a wrap style cover?
wrap styles are trimmer and less bulky and can be adjusted for a snug fit, helping eliminate blowouts. They can also better fit under other items of clothing if you have a cute outfit or just prefer cotton pajamas. They also can be less messy for the runny baby poop stage since if you get any on the cover, you can just unsnap and remove, vs pulling a cover with poop on it down their legs and off your baby.

Why should I buy one of your covers or diapers?
They are tons of fun and made with a whole lot of love! Most of our items are one of a kind, which means you are the only person who will have a cover or fitted that looks like it. Even if we make multiples of something in a size, we produce on the smaller scale, so you will still have a very unique item. If I rerun a fabric, I try to change up snaps and inner fabric so that it's still different than the previous run. I also use these items on my baby and they have been tested on a variety of other babies. I have made modifications for better fit and coverage based on what I, and my testers, like and don't like in a diaper or cover. We aim for comfort, fit, fun and functionality. Just how I like my personal clothes to be.

Our wool often comes from thrift stores or online sellers like Poshmark or eBay if we are looking for a unique pattern or brand of wool item (we love Pendleton here). We primarily utilize 100% wool items, but occasionally will use a blend of 80% or more wool with a non-absorbent material like nylon or polyester. These high percentage wool blends, in our experience, take lanolin and perform extremely close to, if not exactly the same as, 100% wool. Cashmere and merino are our softest wool types with lambswool being a little less soft, but often more bulletproof in a cover. If you are looking for an absolutely bulletproof cover, keep your eyes peeled for the ones made from heavy winter coats like a pea coat. Those are woven and felted to repel the worst weather, so they work phenomenally in a cover.

Thread for construction and embroidery, as well as elastics and embroidery stabilizer are all polyester so they do not absorb urine. Snaps are Kam brand snaps, tested for lead and phthalates. All products are CPSIA compliant for your baby's safety.

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