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Hand-Dyed Newborn Fitteds

$23.00 - $28.00

The shell is made with our signature stretchy heavy bamboo French terry inner for the ultimate in comfort with added absorbency in the wet zone. Trim Fits have 2,000 gsm of absorbency in the inserts, with a petal soaker and booster. Newborn size fits a little more generous and includes a snake soaker plus booster, for a 3,000gsm punch. Dyed with professional fiber reactive dyes for safety and colorfastness. Trim Fit Newborn fits 5.5-13lbs and Newborn fits approximately 6-15lbs.

Available colors:
"Sunlit Canopy"- with vibrant shades of green, just how the the leaves in the woods look with the glow of sunlight passing through them. Soft organic cotton velour outer and inner

"Mint Chocolate"- swirling shades of bronze and chocolate are accented with a pop of mint for snaps and organic cotton velour for the inner. Outer is heavy bamboo stretch french terry.

"Komorebi"- dyed with the brighter colors of the forest and sun peeking through the leaves. Outer is a silky, heavy bamboo french terry with a luxurious sapphire cotton velour inner.

"Deep Forest"- Trim fit newborn ice dyed with the deeper colors of the forest. Made from a soft organic cotton velour outer and inner.

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