Image 1 of Hand-Dyed Wool Boosters “Emerald” Image 2 of Hand-Dyed Wool Boosters “Emerald”

Hand-Dyed Wool Boosters “Emerald”

$4.00 - $7.00

Wool boosters made from upcycled materials. These are boosters, NOT stay dry liners. They are a heavier coarse wool that is not meant to go against your baby. You can use them as extra absorbency under your regular inserts or boosters, or as an additional layer of protection in your wool outside of your absorbency. Can be lanolized depending on what you're using them for.
*These boosters are offered at a discount to see how well they perform under pressure. Please message us with what you think. We love feedback! If you buy more than 2 wool boosters, use code MOREISBETTER to get 15% off of the wool boosters only.

Newborn: 8.5 inches
Small: 10 inches
Medium: 11.5 inches
Large: 13.5 inches
Fold over: 27 inches total

Newborn and small are 3-3.5 inches in the middle (the narrowest part). Medium and up are 4 inches in the middle.

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