Wool Cover Information

Wool Covers

Ah wool, it's a magical and renewable fiber.  Naturally antimicrobial and temperature regulating.  Super absorbant, but also nearly waterproof when lanolinized. If properly lanolinized, you should be able to just air dry your cover after each use since lanolin neutralizes urine. Once the lanolin is used up and you smell the faintest urnine smell after it's dry, its time for a wash and new lanolin bath. (see our wool care page) Combine with a fitted and you have the ultimate bulletproof set up.  This snap on style cover allows adjustability in sizing, while also maintaining a trimmer appearance.


Newborn: 5-16+lbs

Small: 7-20lbs

Petite: 8-32+lbs

OS: 11-45+lbs

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