All of our fitted materials are prepped and washed in Tide Free and Gentle, but may have marks from construction using washable marker and chalk.  While it's always good to do a wash to get rid of those, you do not need to prep your diapers for absorbency.

Many of our products use upcycled materials.  Upon arrival wool products are heated to 150 degrees to sanitize and then washed in Dawn to strip and deep clean.  While I do my best to thoroughly clean these items, I cannot guarantee that the previous owner did not have pets, how they treated their wool or what products they used.  They may smell faintly of Dawn, which should fade fairly quickly from my experience.

We are a dog friendly home.  I cannot stand pet hair so I am pretty rigorous about it, but definitely wanted to disclose this for those sensitive. Once wool covers are finished they are washed and dried, and then stored in packages in drawers, but I can always rewash if someone is extremely sensitive.  Just let me know.


I want you to be happy!  We do our best to inspect all materials and finished products for any defects.  Our products are guaranteed free of defects for 30 days after the customer recieves it.  Please reach out if you feel there is an issue.