Babies aren't the only ones who can need a little absorbency.  Try the magic of wool for yourself, or experience the fun colors and reliability of PUL backed pads.  Often times we have extra fabric to make nursing pads that match our diapers.  Please inquire if you'd like to see if this is an option for your diaper of choice.

  • PUL backed nursing pads are composed of soft Cotton Velour against the skin, 1-2 layers of Super Heavy Organic Cotton and/or Bamboo Fleece for absorbency and polyester with polyurethane laminate for waterproofing.  Some will have a cotton or poly blend outer if it matches a diaper.
  • Wool nursing pads are 100% wool with either soft merino or cashmere wool against your skin.  The ultimate in breathability with antimicrobial properties, these are especially helpful if you struggle with mastitis.

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