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Ai2s and Covers

$25.00 - $57.00

"Watercolor Goats" are Sweet Little Goats with a burlap background grace these little diapers. Inner is a stretchy AWJ. These are all seconds due to cosmetic stitching blemishes on the inserts, and slightly wavy AWJ.

"Ponies and Peonies" and "Midnight Cow" These newborn adorable little covers have PUL inner and outer layers so are double-layered. The AI2 has AWJ inner with the insert and booster, which is also topped with AWJ.

"Love Blossoms" This adorable tree has PUL outer layer, lined on the inside with athletic wicking jersey. Snake soaker is topped with AWJ as well.

"Fluffy on the Farm" OS Sheep AI2 has a PUL outer layer with an AWJ inner. The OS Ai2 has a snake soaker is topped with hand dyed cotton velour, and the booster is topped with athletic wicking jersey.


Newborn 5 to 16+lbs

Petite 7 to 32+lbs

OS 12 to 45+lbs

Absorbent materials in our AI2sare a snake soaker and smaller booster comprised super heavy bamboo fleece and super heavy bamboo hemp fleece (500gsm each layer-some of the heaviest you can buy). The shell or both AI2s and covers is polyurethane laminate (PUL) and is usually lined with athletic wicking jersey. Covers will sometimes have a PUL inner layer as well. Make sure you read the primary product description for specific materials for each.