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CLICK TO SEE MORE "Famous Faces" Stretchy Windpro Hybrid Fitteds

$28.00 - $40.00

Animal Crossing and Burton are Custom Cotton Lycra outer with a layer of hydrophobic Windpro fleece in the shell for breathable cover free time to show off your favorite characters. Blue Dog is custom fade resistant swim outer. The inner is squishy organic cotton velour, for extra softness against your baby without sacrificing absorbency. Newborn through Toddler size comes with a 1,250 GSM a foldover snake insert (which equals 2,500 GSM when folded), and another 1,250 GSM booster. All night absorbency adds another thick layer in the snake (+800 GSM) and a snap in topper (+1,050 GSM) Powerful absorbency combined with a stretchy outer shell for better fit and increased comfort, makes these fitteds perfect for naps and nighttime. Or just anytime. All Nights have removable toppers, so you can adjust absorbancy for day time or night time.


Preemie: 4 to 7lbs

Newborn Trim-Fit: 5.5 to 13lbs

Newborn: 6 to 14lbs

Petite: 6 to 28lbs

OS: 12 to 50lbs

Toddler: 25 to 70lbs

Absorbent materials for the snake and boosters are super heavy bamboo fleece and super heavy bamboo hemp fleece (500gsm each layer-some of the heaviest you can buy). The shell has the outer, snazzy fabric with an absorbent layer of heavy bamboo stretch terry layered twice in the wet zone, and soft, cotton velour on the inside. We like our shells to be stretchy to get a better and more comfortable fit. Total GSM for a trim fit newborn starts at 3,430. Petite through Toddler fitteds are 4,700-5,300 depending on the outer material.

Total GSM for our All-night fitteds is 6,000 -6,600. Often the # of layers of absorbency is talked about, but more layers of a thinner, less absorbent fabric is not going to be better than few layers of a heavier more absorbent fabric. GSM is the fabric's weight (grams per square meter) and is a better indicator of absorbency for natural fibers. The heavier the weight, the more the fabric is likely to absorb. As far as speed of absorbency (very important if you have a flooder), cotton is the fastest natural fiber, followed by bamboo and then hemp. However, the amount each material can hold is the opposite, with hemp holding the most, followed by bamboo and then cotton. Our fitteds have cotton velour against baby, followed by bamboo fleece and lastly bamboo hemp fleece in the booster. This makes sure that the fastest absorber is closest to your little one. We aim for maximum absorbency without adding too much bulk.

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