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Hand-dyed Booster Sets

$12.00 - $22.00

Great if you need a little something extra, or even doubled if you want to pack quite a punch. Each booster is 2 layers of super heavy bamboo fleece topped with a hand dyed layer of stretchy heavy bamboo French terry or fleece for 1300 GSM of absorbency. Newborn and small sizes are great for a little boost while keeping things trim. Newborn was actually my favorite size booster for my toddler to add absorbency to specific areas without adding bulk.

Newborn: 8.5 inches
Small: 10 inches
Medium: 11.5 inches
Large: 13.5 inches
Fold over: 27 inches total

Newborn and small are 3-3.5 inches in the middle (the narrowest part). Medium and up are 4 inches in the middle.

* the seconds boosters have some minor cosmetic stitching imperfections amd 2 of the newborn tags had pulls on the them from my cranky serger.

** if you have a request for a specific set with a colorway you like, feel free to include a request in the notes with your order. Requests will be first come first serve.

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